Welcome, guest! You have reached Edvard's personal graphic space - a website that is mainly dedicated to my graphic creations and doings.

I create various graphic designs and layout jobs for everyday print and electronic use, I accept custom orders from individuals, advertising agencies and shops, and I also cooperate with museums, schools, universities, research and study centers, laboratories and other educational institutions.

Lately I have been mostly involved with T-shirt and souvenir design so I have a pleasure doing business with local souvenir shops in Riga, Latvia.

And, yes, I play around with my website a lot since I do love simple HTML5 and CSS3. I can pretty much post whatever I want here and chances are, nobody will notice. But, if you do, it is great, and so I welcome you!


New project to be launched soon (Nov 2, 2018)

Recently I have created an entirely new website dedicated to my day to day graphic design activities and services for various clients. More info and link coming soon.

Personal T-shirt brand (Oct 28, 2018)

I am currently working on my own personal T-shirt designs. Stay tuned!